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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s, because someone asked these questions more than once!


Why would/should I use this?
We think it's the best RV spot booking experience out there, period. We save you time and make booking campgrounds across the US and Canada super easy. Open the app to check out our amazing campgrounds and seamless booking.  You really can “Look, Book, and Go” in Spot2Nite in about eight clicks.


When should I book – in advance or the day of?
We offer real-time availability for all RV parks listed on our app. If you see something you like, we suggest booking it because there is no guarantee that the park will remain available for your travel dates.


Will you add more campgrounds?
Certainly! We're working hard to add new campgrounds every day. Have a favorite city or campground you'd like to see on Spot2Nite? Drop us a line and let us know. Or better yet, join our Ambassador program to earn $50 referral credits for every park you recommend that connects to the app.


Can I choose my RV spot?
Almost always! Spot selection is supported on our mobile and web apps. Simply click the "Park Map" button on a park profile page to see available spots in real-time. Occasionally, the campground managers do adjust spots, but generally speaking, the spot you pick is yours.  Some campgrounds listed on our app do not allow for spot selection. When this is the case, the “Park Map” button will not be displayed on the campground profile page and you will be offered a booking by site type.  


Can I book for more than one night?
Yes! Depending on availability, you can book stays for up to 28 nights. You'll see the date range available when you're choosing your check-in and check-out dates.


How far in advance can I book an RV spot?
Advance bookings vary widely amongst campgrounds based on locations and camping seasons.  Spot2Nite availability appears immediately from the campgrounds.  In many cases, this may be up to one year out.


If I can book RV spots in advance, why is your company called Spot2Nite?
Terry and Sam, the founders of Spot2Nite, were discussing plans to camp when the question of “when to camp” came up.  The answer was “tonight”.  After realizing how difficult it was to locate and book spots, the app was born and became “Spot2Nite”.  However, our direct integrations permit you to book out much farther than was originally thought possible, so really we could be called “Spot2Nite and Beyond”. What do you think?


Can I book RV spots at different campgrounds in a single checkout?
Not yet. Currently, you can only book one campground reservation at a time. In the future, you will be able to book RV spots at multiple campgrounds in a single checkout. This will be helpful for planning a trip with more than one location/stop. 


Can I see a copy of my reservation?
Yes! On both the mobile and web versions of Spot2Nite go to the “Reservations” tab, select your booking and you'll see details on all your Upcoming and Past reservations. 


If something comes up or I mistakenly book a spot, can I cancel and get a refund?
Well, it depends on the park.  All reservations made in Spot2Nite are issued according to the cancellation policies of the host park.  If you need to make adjustments after booking, please contact us at “” or “” using the contact information provided in your reservation confirmation email.  The Spot2Nite convenience fee is non-refundable. 


How can I “save” a campground?
To save a campground on our mobile and web apps, tap the heart on the campground’s profile (You'll see it go from a heart outline to a filled heart.). This will launch a “Trip Board” where you can save a trip and share the parks.  If you’ve got a specific campground in mind, you can also search for it by name and add it to your Trip Board from there.  FYI, if a campground doesn’t show up in your search, it’s because it’s not available for your search dates or because we don’t work with that property…yet.


Do campground rates fluctuate throughout the day?
Yes.  Rates provided by the campground can fluctuate – so if you see something you like, book it before it's gone!


Do you honor Membership Programs, like Good Sam, FMCA, or other discounts such as Military Veterans, First Responder, etc?
Absolutely.  We gladly pass along any discounts that the park chooses to offer via Spot2Nite.  Our system will reconcile your memberships with the park at the time of booking and award the highest discount just as if you were at the front desk.  Be prepared to show proof of discount eligibility upon check-in at the campground.


Do you ever offer discounts or promo codes?
Yes.  Spot2Nite offers many promotions throughout the year for events such as major RV shows and holidays.  Additionally, we support our communities during a time of need by discounting trips during declared emergencies due to natural disasters such as floods and hurricanes.  Select the “Promotional Discounts” tab and the “I have a code” button.  Enter the code and hit save.  The discount will automatically be applied to the reservation total under the terms of the discount. You can only redeem one code per checkout. Promotions cannot be combined.  Follow us on social media or visit our booth at the RV shows to learn about these codes.


What are these taxes and fees?
At checkout, you will see taxes and fees before you complete your booking. This includes a 10% booking fee that we charge which allows us to provide you with quality customer service, as well as occupancy or other taxes charged by the campground. Taxes and fees may vary based on the campground’s location and taxing authority.


What if my checkout time runs out?
At checkout, you’ll see a 5-minute timer that shows how long we’ll hold your spot. If time runs out, other users will have a chance to select the spot. However, you can still select this spot later, if it’s still available.


How do I edit my user info?
You are able to change the info in your account with us at any time. Tap 'Account' and then "Contact Information" to edit or update your information.  Make sure to double-check the email address to ensure you receive your booking receipts and alerts.


How do I change my payment info?
Simply tap 'Account' and then 'Payment Methods' to update your payment info. Rest assured, your credit card information is always secure.


Is my credit card information secure?
Absolutely.  Every credit card payment on Spot2Nite is processed through Stripe which is certified to the highest industry security and compliance standards.


I really like the app, but how do I unsubscribe from your emails?
Tap ‘Account’ and then ’Notifications’ to manage your notification preferences.


OK, but I forgot my password.  How do I regain access?
Tap ‘Account’ and then the green ‘Log in’ button. Then click the black ‘Log in’ button. Then tap ‘Forgot password’. Enter your email address and we’ll email you a link to reset your password.


Can I review the campground I booked in the app?
Yes! To leave a review, open the app after you check out, or go to your booking history once your stay ends. You'll see a button there to "Rate Your Stay." You can give the campground a thumbs up or down (we hope it's up!), and leave any relevant feedback.


I'm not seeing my reviews. What’s the deal?
If you’re not seeing your review on the app, it’s because we’re reviewing it to make sure it’s on the up and up under our user content policy.


What do I do if I see inappropriate content in the app?
If you see anything that you think violates our Terms of Service, please let us know! Email We really appreciate you looking out


Can I email you with a question?
You bet. Email us at Believe us, Terry reads everything and will get back to you within 24 hours.


Got an idea we'd be fools to ignore?
Bring it! Email us at Suggestions feature ideas, app improvements, bugs, praise – we're all ears.


What is your customer support number?