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How does Spot2Nite handle cancellations?

Every traveler is provided with contact information for support and cancellations directly to Spot2Nite.  Upon request, our customer service center receives the traveler's requests and processes them accordingly.  While we can cancel reservations, we cannot “slide dates, add dates, join sites, etc”.  Depending upon the request, we will execute the process using the rules you provided and make the necessary disbursements to you, refunds to the traveler, and essential notifications.

In detail:   

  1. For cancellations prior to the arrival of the traveler: 
    1. The traveler or park notifies Spot2Nite of the cancellation.  Spot2Nite will review park policy and determine what aspect of the park refund policy applies, i.e. how much to refund the traveler and how much is due to the park.  (Note: The park must notify Spot2Nite of the cancellation either by email to cancellations@spot2nite.com or via phone at (877)778-2683 Extension 1 for Traveler Support and include the following information: Park Name, Traveler’s Name, Date of Arrival, and amount due.)
    2. At that time, Spot2Nite will cancel the reservation in the booking system to clear the spot.  
    3. Spot2Nite will refund the traveler, and then deposit any funds due to the park into the designated park account.  Spot2Nite will always send a confirmation of the cancellation to the traveler and the park.
  2. For cancellations or “no-shows” on the day of the scheduled arrival of the traveler, the park must notify us that the traveler did not arrive so that we can cancel the reservation and release the spot.  Again, depending upon the booking system, we will disburse funds to the park in accordance with their cancellation policy.

In either case, again as stated in “Cancellation” in the Spot2Nite app travelers are advised that “Spot2Nite convenience fees are non-refundable.”