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OK, I'd like to add my property to Spot2Nite. What’s the onboarding process like?

Unlike other OTA systems, we do it all!  

First, contact us so we can determine the pathway based on your park management system.  Next, based on that assessment, we will provide the exact steps to link up.  Generally, there are two email addresses we will need: one for the park manager and one for the park finance side (to establish the payment pathway).  From the first query to the first booking, Spot2Nite remains available for support. During this process, we will need park maps and spot types and characteristics to load.  We do not need any existing reservation information.  After the build, we will run some test bookings to confirm your available spots appear when vacant and ready for booking as well as the flow of reservation payment to your account.  That’s it!  

Interested?  Go to partners.spot2nite.com for additional information!